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Credentialing and Hospital Management

Q: How can I prevent older discontinued hospital affiliations, work history, and other records from showing up for verification every time the provider is up for reappointment? (Once initially verified, they do not have to be re-verified at subsequent reappointment.)

A: Discontinued affiliations, work history, and other records can be deactivated by selecting “inactive” in the Record Status field. This will prevent it from displaying at each reappointment for verification.

Q: I have some users who need to be able to view certain parts of a provider record and not others. How can I accomplish this in Acorn?

A: In the Settings, on the Roles tab, you can create custom roles and choose what access is defined for the role. Then on the User tab, you can define users with that specific customized role.

Q: I receive many requests for “in good standing” letters on my providers; is there a way to automate this in Acorn?

A: Yes, in the Settings, under Practitioner Query Control, you can define another hospital user and email them a link at the touch of a button. The link allows them to self-query and generate the “in good standing” letter themselves.

Q: My CEO wants a number of reports sent to him at the end of every month. Is there an easy way to do this without me having to run them each month?

A: Yes, the Acorn distributed reports or the Query tool custom reports can be set up to auto-email one or more people on a desired schedule.

Q: Due to the pandemic, many of my credentialing staff are working remotely from home. How can I keep tabs on their productivity?

A: In Acorn’s distributed reports, the User Daily Activity Tracking report will let you monitor their login and logout times, number of hours in the system, and what exactly they are working on when in Acorn.

Practitioner Practice Management and Payer Enrollment

Q: How do I set up the provider to get automatic notifications of upcoming expiring credentials, so I don’t have to monitor these and notify the providers?

A: In the provider’s user account, check the “receive notifications” checkbox and they will automatically receive these alerts. There is a comparable checkbox in Group user accounts so the Group administrators can also receive the alerts on their providers.

Q: When I get a new provider at my group, I have to enroll him in multiple plans at the same time. Is there an easy way to generate multiple applications?

A: Yes, you can assign payers to tiers and generate multiple payer applications for one or more providers at the same time.

Q: I have a new employee in my Group. What is the best way to get her started and introduce her to the Acorn system?

A: The online user guide is a great introduction to the primary features and functionality of the practitioner portal purpose and use.

Q: How often are enhancements made to the Acorn system and how are they communicated?

A: Enhancements are done at least bi-monthly. The primary contact for each client is notified of the new functionality in writing and can share the information with their users. The online user guides are updated shortly after each enhancement. If you need further explanation on any functionality, you can contact Acorn for additional help.

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