Employee Spotlight: Gretell Maure, MBA

October 7, 2022

This month, Acorn will be featuring some of our many talented staff members starting with the newest members of our team. Gretell Maure, MBA recently joined Acorn Credentialing Solutions as the Director of Implementation and Client Support. Gretell’s background includes experience as the Director of Credentialing for a health plan and 14 years of experience in healthcare credentialing. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Healthcare Administration/Management from Barry University. Her expertise with health plan credentialing is a real asset to Acorn’s clients, and in her own words, “Through my years of experience I have learned the best practices to simplify the credentialing process and make it run smoothly”.

“We work together as a team to get things done, we listen and encourage each other.”

When it comes to why Gretell likes working at Acorn, she says, “We work together as a team to get things done, we listen and encourage each other”. Regarding what makes Acorn unique as an employer, “Acorn will go above and beyond for the client’s satisfaction and best interests”. In her role with Acorn, Gretell is most looking forward to helping clients implement credentialing standards for new providers and groups.

Gretell resides in South Florida with her two dogs. Her hobbies include road biking, and she frequently rides at the beach and Key Biscayne.

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