Employee Spotlight: Kerem Eroglu, MBA

October 26, 2022

Up next for Acorn’s employee spotlight is Kerem Eroglu, MBA. Kerem is the Director of Operations at Acorn, and he joined the team six months ago. With almost 10 years of previous experience working in healthcare software, he brought with him several areas of expertise such as Implementation, Customer Success, Process Improvement, Product Management, Operation Management, and Project Management. He earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Georgia Tech earlier this year. Kerem’s extensive industry experience and business knowledge are valuable resources to Acorn’s clients as well as Acorn’s staff. In his own words, “Having worked with healthcare organizations of various sizes around the world, I have a good understanding of what it takes to help our clients succeed.”

“I like being part of a dynamic and tight-knit group that is passionately focused on delivering value to our clients.”

Kerem enjoys working at Acorn because “I like being part of a dynamic and tight-knit group that is passionately focused on delivering value to our clients.” Regarding his favorite client story, he says, “Some of our client stories are included on our website (go check out our case studies!) – and I really like the one where a hospital used Acorn during a malware attack. Basically, the hospital system experienced a malware attack that prevented them from using their typical systems. Because Acorn is built on a secure cloud-based infrastructure, the client ended up using Acorn’s correspondence feature to email all their providers quickly to update them about the incident. It is a cool example of one of our tools that is so understated yet so powerful.”

Kerem lives in the Atlanta area with his family, and he is the proud father of two young children. When it comes to his interests, “I’ve got a 2.5 year old and a newborn – so all of the shows and books I’m hoping to catch up on, as well as my hobbies I’m hoping to get back to, have all kind of been put to the side for the foreseeable future.”

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