Employee Spotlight: Aaron Haffey

Meet Aaron Haffey, one of our newest team members at Acorn Credentialing Solutions. Aaron joined us in March 2023 as a System Analyst and Implementation Manager, bringing with him eight years of experience in credentialing and healthcare. Prior to joining our team, he spent three years as a Credentialing Data Manager at a nationwide hospital system and five years at a credentialing software company. As a proud U.S. veteran who served in the Marine Corps for over 11 years, Aaron is equipped with a diverse range of skills and knowledge that make him an asset to the Acorn team.

Aaron’s technical background and eight years of experience in credentialing and healthcare make him an expert in system analysis, project management, data conversions, and leading cross-functional teams. With his experience in both overseeing credentialing in a hospital system and working in a technical software role, he is uniquely capable of blending technical aspects with practical applications. According to Aaron, “I have used every credentialing software system on the market. I have seen the good and the bad things they do, in addition to the things they don’t do. Having used these software systems regularly as an end user, I also know the pain of daily inefficiencies and when a system is not working correctly. These experiences will be my guiding principles as I work with the Acorn team to make the best credentialing software possible.” His ability to bridge the gap between credentialing software systems and their real-world functionality is invaluable to Acorn and our clients.

“The Acorn team is committed to creating the best software, and no idea is left unexplored.”

When it comes to working at Acorn, Aaron remarks, “This is a very team-driven culture and everyone is very helpful. The Acorn team is committed to creating the best software, and no idea is left unexplored”. In his short time at Acorn, Aaron has already worked on several product enhancements inspired by Acorn clients or team members. Aaron is looking forward to continuing to make improvements and enhancements in Acorn’s credentialing software in collaboration with Acorn’s team of experts and talented clients.

About his personal interests, Aaron says “I am an avid reader and very passionate about community service. When I am not working, I am probably volunteering or reading a good book.”

Acorn’s team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your credentialing goals. With Acorn’s focus on efficiency, accuracy, and automation, you’ll experience reduced risk, lower costs, and increased revenues. Send us a message or book a demo to learn what our credentialing experts can do for you!

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