Health Insurance Payers

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Health Insurance Payers
Solution Features

Eliminate functionality issues that cost time and money, and expose you to unnecessary risk. Acorn does the work of monitoring licensing databases and verifying provider information for you.

Auto Update and Verify State Licenses

In typical environments you run reports, notify providers, and manually verify each provider when they are renewed. With Acorn, this process is fully automated. It saves valuable time by automatically verifying and updating provider credentials in the system, especially for payers that handle a large number of provider credential verifications.

Auto Update and
Verify DEA

DEA registrations are renewed every three years and the renewal date is directly correlated to the date a provider’s registration was first issued. The automatic update and verification feature in Acorn saves time in this process, as well as helping to ensure application deadlines are met. For payers that manage large numbers of providers and their credentials, the Acorn system’s automation streamlines this process significantly.

SAM Sanction Checks

The System for Awards Management (SAM) includes the excluded parties list system (EPLS) which is another source for provider sanctions. The Acorn system checks all providers against the SAM database on a daily basis and users are alerted on the Acorn dashboard if any of their providers are named in this database. The user can then verify the information within the system and bring back the report to verify.

OIG Sanction Checks

The Office of the Inspector General puts out monthly reports of providers with new sanctions. Acorn automatically checks each provider in the system monthly and alerts users on the dashboard of providers that have new sanctions with the OIG.

Mobile Scanner

Scan and upload documents quickly and easily with your mobile phone. And because your phone goes almost everywhere you go, Acorn’s scanning app can also go places physical scanners cannot.

Platform Features

Automated tasks, streamlined digital workflows, advanced data management. Simple integration with legacy systems. The Acorn platform gives you the power to respond quickly, adapt easily, and provide better care to more people.

Credentialing as a service

Get expert credentialing staff without the overhead. Our fully managed credentialing service and advanced platform give you peace of mind.


Benefit from a secure, unified credentialing process across internal and external networks for efficient, reliable data sharing among all stakeholders.

Midas Migration

Replace your legacy system with a true upgrade to Acorn’s superior solution.

Virtual Medical Staff Management

Manage staff remotely and scale telemedicine services to improve patient safety and quality of care.

Medical Passport

Permanent, portable storage of medical credentials and professional data for providers and practice group members.

Mobile Scanner

Easily upload forms, verification documents, medical credentials, education documents, or anything you need to file in the Acorn system.

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