Providers and Practice Groups

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Providers and Practice Management
Solution Features

Our features eliminate functionality gaps that cost you money
and expose you to unnecessary risk.

Provider Medical Passport

Providers can upload and access their professional data, documents, and forms from a secure, centralized, permanent database. Generate CVs and transcripts, enrollment and credentialing forms, and applications in a single click.

Privilege and Credentialing Application

Complete and submit forms online. Acorn’s database automatically pre-populates forms from stored data for a faster process. Fax or email directly from the portal to make communication and verification tracking simple.

Enrollment Tracking

Enter data, update information, or complete, sign, and submit applications—resulting in faster turnaround times for application processing and documentation requests.

Provider Data Bank

Access the information of more than 1.5 million healthcare providers verified from primary source.

CAQH Integration

Acorn’s provider data is synchronized with the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) online database. Payers can obtain provider credentials directly, speeding up the enrollment process.

Platform Features

Automated tasks, streamlined digital workflows, advanced data management. Simple integration with legacy systems. The Acorn platform gives you the power to respond quickly, adapt easily, and provide better care to more people.

Credentialing as a service

Get expert credentialing staff without the overhead. Our fully managed credentialing service and advanced platform give you peace of mind.


Benefit from a secure, unified credentialing process across internal and external networks for efficient, reliable data sharing among all stakeholders.

Data Migration

Replace your legacy system with a true upgrade to Acorn’s superior solution.

Virtual Medical Staff Management

Manage staff remotely and scale telemedicine services to improve patient safety and quality of care.

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Easily upload forms, verification documents, medical credentials, education documents, or anything you need to file in the Acorn system.

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