Acorn uses intuitive design features and advanced technology to make healthcare credentialing solutions that are smart, simplified and comprehensive. That makes us different and better.


We’re smart.

We are medical, credentialing and technology experts working together to create better, easier, comprehensive solutions for you.


We’re making it simple.

That means you only input your data once to meet all of your verification and user requirements.


We’re advanced.

Our innovative solutions will save you time and resources.

For the Practitioner
Acorn makes credentialing simple and faster.

  • Designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
  • Enter your data once and it’s done.
  • It’s comprehensive, meeting the needs of everyone who wants the information.

For the Credentialist
Acorn is smart and has everything you need in one place.

  • Primary source direct verification ensures accuracy and saves time.
  • Practitioners enter their data and it can then be used as needed.
  • Acorn is customer-focused and available to help when you need it.

For the Hospital and Insurance Company
Our Acorn team is committed to continuous improvement based on our customer’s needs and feedback.

  • Acorn is advanced, making sure all of your requirements are included.
  • Accurate and comprehensive data capture.
  • Easy to create customized reports for your specific needs.


“Our team thinks Acorn is fantastic. We all find it easy to use and feedback from our practitioners is they can’t believe how much time it saves. And our hospital gets the reports they need without extra work. That’s amazing because it used to be such a hassle. The Acorn team is great – always there to help.”

— Sarah P., Healthcare Credentialing Specialist

About Acorn

Acorn is a company dedicated to being the preferred, long-term partner for our customers in meeting their credentialing needs. We are a uniquely qualified team of medical, technical and credentialing experts focused on all aspects of the credentialing process.

Acorn Healthcare Credentialing Solutions provides an innovative and easy to use format for the practitioner, the credentialing specialist and the payor. Acorn solutions are cost effective and time saving, and that means significant added value for each user.

Acorn is here to stay and committed to your success. We welcome your feedback.

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