We’re Acorn, a smarter healthcare credentialing solutions company. Acorn’s intelligent solutions grow from knowing, firsthand, that a modern healthcare industry needs smart, simplified, advanced credentialing software. Here’s how we break it down:



Acorn’s team of medical, credentialing, and technology experts work together to change how healthcare practices and facilities are managed.



Our uncomplicated, automated platforms eliminate manual tasks, data duplication, and avoidable risk exposure while speeding up reimbursements.



Cloud architecture means no demand on server infrastructure, no need for complicated software integration, and no added IT or hardware costs.

For Practitioners
Acorn’s permanent data and document repository allows you to submit all forms and applications necessary for credentialing.

  • Fast, simple, automated credentialing accelerates payment and improves physician productivity.
  • Workflows are more efficient. Enter information once and it’s synchronized across the entire Acorn system.
  • Store and transmit career-related information in a secure online portfolio. Instant access makes it easy to share CVs, certifications, and other documents as needed.
  • Forms and applications are automatically populated from stored data, which eliminates the need to key in duplicate information multiple times.

For Credentialing Specialists
Acorn integrates directly with credentialing verification sources for greater efficiencies across the entire system.

  • Primary source direct verification ensures accuracy and saves time. Automated sanction tracking reduces compliance risk. Alerts and notifications mean you never miss a deadline.
  • Personalized service from Acorn experts help you get the best use of the platform.
  • A secure and easy to navigate document trail minimizes the risk of errors and omissions. Online document routing enables you to perform credentialing tasks effectively and accurately. Generate one of our standard reports or create customized reports easily and quickly.
  • Newly appointed Practitioners will automatically receive a customized orientation packet including policies, protocols and forms. Orientation requirements will be tracked automatically.

For Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
Acorn’s complete credentialing and healthcare management solution improves hospital management. It links hospital functions and departments, making operations more efficient.

  • Acorn is scalable and flexible. Settings can be tailored to suit an organization’s hierarchy.
  • CEOs and other administrators can access accurate data in real time, as needed. Automated reporting creates standard and customized reports quickly and easily.
  • Simple dashboard graphics show the current status of key performance indicators to support fast, informed planning and decision-making.


“The Acorn Credentialing System has operated superbly. It has proven to be an excellent value proposition for our practice.”

Todd Blum, MHA, MBA, CMPE
Chief Executive Officer
Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of South Florida, PA

“The Acorn Credentialing System meets our needs of comprehensiveness and ease of use. As a result, we are more efficient in our practice. Additionally, the Acorn team has been supportive and creative in customizing our portal with unique features that provides added value for us.”

Chelsea Chadwick, Regional Operations Manager
Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of South Florida, PA

About Acorn

Acorn is a uniquely qualified team of medical, technical, and credentialing experts. Our focus is to improve all aspects of the credentialing process.

We aim to change how healthcare practices and provider enrollments are managed. Our smart, simplified, advanced solutions replace outdated, inefficient systems – adding value for users.

We are committed to client success. Find out how we can help you overcome your credentialing challenges.

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