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Acorn Healthcare Credentialing Solutions: Proud AHIP 2023 Sponsor

Acorn Healthcare Credentialing Solutions is proud to announce that we’re sponsoring the American Health Insurance Plan (AHIP) 2023 conference. The conference will take place at the Portland Convention Center in Portland, OR from June 13th through June 15th, 2023. Stop by the Acorn Credentialing booth number 1241 in the exhibit hall to learn more about credentialing, enjoy a complimentary chair massage, and enter our drawing to win an iPad! Acorn’s credentialing experts will be on hand to provide information regarding our proven cost-saving and revenue-generating solutions designed specifically for health plans. With Acorn’s automation and streamlined workflows, your organization will experience increased revenues, reduced costs, simplified provider network management, and greater provider satisfaction. Follow the link below to contact us to book a demo to see the power of Acorn in action!

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