Credentialing Update: The Joint Commission Revised Evaluation Time Frame

December 2, 2022

The Joint Commission recently announced that the requirements related to the time frame to evaluate licensed practitioners has changed from a period not to exceed two years to a period not to exceed three years, unless a shorter period is required by law and regulation. You can read the announcement on The Joint Commission’s website at this link. For the hospital accreditation program, the specific elements of performance that were revised are MS.06.01.07, number 9 and MS.07.01.01, number 3. This revision encompasses the time frames related to the granting of privileges, and initial appointment and reappointment to the medical staff. The standards related to practitioner evaluation time frames were also revised in the following TJC accreditation programs: Ambulatory Health Care (AHC), Behavioral Health Care and Human Services (BHC), Critical Access Hospital (CAH), Nursing Care Centers (NCC) and Office-Based Surgery (OBS). According to TJC, the revision is effective immediately with a release date of February 19, 2023.

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