Employee Spotlight: Jenna Sullivan, PESC

Next in line for Acorn’s Employee Spotlight is Jenna Sullivan, PESC who joined the Acorn team in May of this year as an Implementation Specialist for the Practitioner Portal System. Jenna has almost 20 years of experience working in healthcare, including 10 years in payer enrollment with a special focus on federal payers and credentialing. She earned her Provider Enrollment Specialist Certification with Decision Health in 2020. Jenna is an expert in expediting the payer enrollment process while ensuring Acorn’s clients meet health plans’ credentialing requirements. Her wealth of knowledge serves as a resource for our clients seeking to build efficiency while increasing revenue and compliance.

When it comes to working at Acorn, Jenna says, “I really like that from the start that my ideas were taken into consideration.” She also appreciates the thoroughness of the software training for employees stating, “They’ve taken the time to make sure we’re comfortable in the system. They want us to see the value in the software and for us to be successful”. Jenna says she enjoys being part of a team that is working to make the Acorn software it’s best possible version for our clients.

Jenna lives in the panhandle of Florida, and she likes kayaking, reading, and spending time with her dogs. She writes poetry, and her poems have been published in a book and online.

Jenna will be co-hosting 3 of the 6 upcoming Provider Enrollment Prime Series with Team Med Global starting in November. She’ll be sharing her expert methods for scaling up provider enrollment for large health systems.

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