Employee Spotlight: Megan Paauwe, MBA-HM

October 10, 2022

Continuing with our Employee Spotlights, Megan Paauwe, MBA-HM joined the Acorn team at the end of May of 2022 as a Marketing and Business Development Manager. Megan brings 15 years of healthcare operations experience, including 9 years of experience in credentialing and medical staff services. In 2021, she completed her Master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Healthcare Management at Western Governor’s University. Megan lends her first-hand knowledge of credentialing systems to Acorn’s clients, and, she says, “I partner with clients to optimize the credentialing and onboarding process from end to end, with a focus on patient-safety, compliance, and revenue.”

“Everyone on our team is working toward the same goal, which is doing what’s best for patients, providers, and our clients.”

According to Megan, working at Acorn is special because, “everyone on our team is working toward the same goal, which is doing what’s best for patients, providers, and our clients.” She likes working at Acorn because, “each team member brings their own area of expertise to the table, and we learn from each other. My manager and teammates are kind, knowledgeable, and supportive.” In the future, Megan is most looking forward to continuing to expand Acorn’s offerings to meet client needs, and helping more organizations to improve their credentialing processes.

Megan lives in Northern California with her two children and her husband of 19 years. She enjoys volunteering in the community, and her favorite hobby is weight training at the gym.

Reach out to Megan at, or book a demo and learn how Acorn can streamline the credentialing process to save you time and money!

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