Employee Spotlight: Tina Zheng

November 2, 2022

Next in line for Acorn’s employee spotlight is Tina Zheng. Tina is a Quality Assurance Engineer at Acorn, and she’s been a part of the team for over one year. Before working at Acorn, Tina had two years of experience working in software. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics from the University of Central Florida in 2019. In addition, she holds a Microsoft Power BI certification.

Tina’s expertise in software quality assurance contributes to the top-notch security and compliance of the Acorn platform. Her important work helps keep client data protected and promotes trust between Acorn and our clients. She likes working at Acorn because, “The company fosters growth, and everyone is always willing to help each other out”. In the future, Tina is looking forward to continuing to support the Acorn platform and assisting the team with system enhancements.

Tina lives in South Florida with her mom and her sister. In her free time, she enjoys watching multiple-hour-long video essays on YouTube.

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