Noridian will Collaborate with Acorn to Optimize Provider Credentialing

FARGO, N.D. (March 14, 2024) – Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC (Noridian), a leader in developing solutions for federal, state and commercial health care programs, is excited to announce it will partner with Acorn Healthcare Credentialing Solutions (Acorn) to elevate health plans’ provider enrollment and credentialing operations. Noridian’s experienced staff will utilize Acorn’s technology to provide automated workflows and develop streamlined credentialing services. Together, the companies will expedite onboarding processes and decrease abrasion caused by inefficient and slow processes.

“The process of provider credentialing can be complex and involves numerous steps for health plans and providers. Noridian’s experienced staff, paired with Acorn’s technology platform, eliminates these burdens by simplifying the process,” says Jon Bogenreif, CEO and president at Noridian. “This is one of several reasons I’m looking forward to collaborating with Acorn—because our solutions will help enable access to care and lead to happier providers, members and employees.”

Acorn Healthcare Credentialing Solutions stands at the forefront of technological innovation in addressing the complex challenges faced by health care organizations in provider credentialing and enrollment. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Acorn streamlines and modernizes the traditionally labor-intensive process of verifying and managing health care professionals’ credentials. In partnership with Noridian’s services, Acorn’s user-friendly interface and robust data management capabilities empower health care organizations to efficiently navigate the intricate landscape of provider credentialing, reducing administrative burden and expediting the onboarding process.

Matthew Jansen, CEO at Acorn, says, “We are excited to work with such a well-respected company in the credentialing space.  Noridian’s decades of experience combined with Acorn’s technology will bring a third-generation solution to market that delivers a high-touch service to health care providers while lowering cost and driving revenue for health plans.”

Noridian continues to execute its strategy of supporting efforts that enable access to health care, including working with innovative technology partners. The company is committed to working with businesses that value high-quality standards, service excellence, responsible stewardship, integrity and effective collaboration.

Noridian will be exhibiting at RISE National 2024, March 17 – 19, in Nashville. Stop by booth #544 to learn more about the company’s partnership with Acorn. Acorn is exhibiting at HIMSS24, March 12-14, in Orlando. Stop by booth #4346 to learn more about the company’s partnership with Noridian. For more information about Acorn, visit For more information about Noridian and its services, visit

About Noridian Healthcare Solutions
Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC (Noridian) develops solutions for federal, state and commercial health care programs through a full suite of innovative offerings, including claims processing, medical review, contact center and provider administrative services. Headquartered in Fargo, N.D. with staff located throughout the nation, Noridian administrates people-first services across all 50 U.S. states. Leveraging its decades of experience, the Noridian team designs and implements customizable, high-quality solutions to eliminate common health care barriers, enabling access to care. For more information, visit

About Acorn Healthcare Credentialing Solutions
Acorn Healthcare Credentialing Solutions specializes in innovative technology-driven solutions for healthcare provider credentialing and enrollment. Their advanced platform employs automation to streamline the verification of professionals’ credentials, easing the administrative burden for healthcare organizations. Acorn prioritizes accuracy, compliance, and operational efficiency, offering a user-friendly interface that facilitates a seamless process for onboarding healthcare providers. For more information, visit

This press release was originally published by Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC

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